Is there a way to expand right sidebar programically in a webapp plugin?

I am using ReactQuill component in the root,
I cannot find a way to focus it until i expand the sidebar.

Is there any solution for that?

You may be able to, by adding a html


tag to the section of the html page you want to load, and then calling that ID with
https://[your URL path here]/#[nameoflocation] in your ReactQuill code.

Thank you,

Sorry, I did understand something,

How do I call https://[your URL path here]/#[nameoflocation]

Do I use fetch or what?

I haven’t used Quill personally for any projects, but I believe this might work, if you use this in your function:

MyEditor.modules = {
  toolbar: {
    container: "#[nameoflocation]",
    'image-tooltip': true,
    'link-tooltip': true,
      [yourhandler]: [yourhandler]

And of course, the container properties within the toolbar module can be changed to fit your needs.