Join us for our Mobile-only Week from August 2nd to August 6th, 2021!

Mobile-only Week is a week when we use the mobile app like we would use webapp or desktop app on a regular work day to find what features and functionalities are missing from our mobile apps. Mobile-only Week is a great opportunity to share feedback on the mobile apps so that we can better understand where to prioritize our future efforts. Anyone with a mobile and/or tablet device can participate.

Event Details

The Mobile-only Week starts on August 2nd and ends on August 6th, 2021.

Getting Started

  1. If possible, please use the Mattermost beta app v1.46 (Build 365) on your mobile and/or tablet devices. This new beta build includes collapsed reply threads. Instructions on how to get the beta version:
  • Sign up to be a beta tester
    • Android
    • iOS - Open this link from your iOS device
  • Install the Mattermost Beta app.

You can optionally also use the latest released version v1.45 (Build 364) on the official app.

  1. Use the app like you would use webapp or desktop app on a regular day.

  2. Report bugs, improvement ideas and other feedback in the Mobile-only Week 2021 channel.


Here are additional instruction on how to join the Mattermost Mobile app beta program: Join the Mattermost Mobile app beta program today.

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