Mattermost 5.25.7 Version Number

This might or might not be related to Confusion regarding Mattermost version number , but it’s about a different Mattermost version, so probably unrelated.

I just upgraded my ESR team server from 5.25.5 to - what I thought was - the 5.25.7 security release.

However, if I invoke “About” in the web interface, it now states:

Mattermost Version: 54e0ea38be141a6ec2b440ba4e260950b388fbe9
Database Schema Version: 5.25.0
Database: mysql

Uhm - what did I do wrong? Where does it state that it’s running version 5.25.7? This looks as if I possibly installed some branch snapshot version or something, but I fetched the official tar ball from the web site… :-/

On the console it says:

# bin/mattermost version
Version: 5.25.0
Build Number: 54e0ea38be141a6ec2b440ba4e260950b388fbe9
Build Date: Thu Dec  3 16:01:02 UTC 2020
Build Hash: 54e0ea38be141a6ec2b440ba4e260950b388fbe9
Build Enterprise Ready: false
DB Version: 5.25.0

But I’m really sure I did not download a 5.25.0 tar ball…

Did you get the upgrade from the Mattermost GitHub release section?

This link from this page:

I’m wondering if this may be a checksum of some form, to be honest. Did you have a checksum present when you downloaded the file?

This is related to the other issue you linked. Our devops team is investigating how best to solve this for future releases.

Alright, sounds good!