Mattermost app and MobileIron

Hi, I have a question regarding the Mattermost app and MobileIron.

Since Mattermost is available as an AppConfig compatible app in the MobileIron store I assume they should work together.
However we are trying to test this setup first with the public Mattermost app wrapped with MobileIron AppConnect and experience an issue with websockets.

The app works as expected and is able to connect to the Mattermost server through the vpn and AppConnect tunnel. After about 30 seconds the app throws a message about websockets not working.

Is there anyone with Mattermost + MobileIron experiences?

Hi @stefanvangastel,

Thanks for your feedback,

Is this document helpful?

Hi @lindy65, we have applied those instructions and still the same result. Using ipa from mattermost-mobile release page. Signed and wrapped it for in house use, appconfig applied. App is working fine until it has to connect its websocket and it hangs on “Connecting…” . We are going to submit a case at MobileIron.

It seems to be a websocket MobileIron issue. Since all http requests are fine.

Thanks @stefanvangastel,

Let us know how it goes…

Hi @stefanvangastel, do you have any updates on this issue? Were you able to resolve it?