Mattermost push proxy (can't use internal proxy for internet)

I am trying to get some push notification magic to work. I got mattermost working, i do see device_id’s in the database and i have the mattermost-push-proxy up and running. Since i am in the office i have to use a proxy. I know mattermost uses the httpclient so it will read out the http_proxy env variables. But the mattermost-push-proxy does not as far as i can tell.

How can i configure the mattermost-push-proxy to use a proxy? Since i want to keep our push proxy locally instead of hosting it on ‘the internet’. I tried adding the http_proxy https_proxy HTTP_PROXY HTTPS_PROXY env’s to it before startup but that still fails.

Looking at this should work, but these things should also be added to the mattermost-push-proxy then too? If not already, and i am using it wrong.

Update: i think this PR that is open should solve this issue. Now waiting for someone to merge this.

Thanks @riemers,

I’ve brought the PR to our team’s attention for review.