Mattermost restore to new server, asset links and pasted images are broken


Mattermost backup and restore on new server breaks asset links and pasted images in channels.

Steps to reproduce

Backup mattermost as required for gitlab omnibus install, move files to new installation, restore database and config files. Change gitlab.rb mattermost[‘home’] path to new mattermost directory with restored mattermost data. Note all inline images and asset links are broken

Expected behavior

backup and restore to new environment should correctly link to inline assets.

Observed behavior

No asset or image links previous to the back up and and restore to new environment are working. File does not exist is the message.

On our original installation, the home path for mattermost was defined as:
mattermost['home'] = '/var/local/gitlab/mattermost'
on our new installation we’ve had to change that path due to the amount of data we’ve copied over and the volume system of our new VM. the new home path is:
mattermost[‘home’] = ‘/mnt/volume_nyc3_03/mattermost’
I’ve checked permissions, and other aspects of mattermost are working fine. Is it the case the links to attached files and inline images are stored in the database including the home path, and that has not been updated?