Mattermost server & webapp debug

Hello, how to debug server and webapp part of mattermost on linux? thank you for sharing a guide to follow or explaining to me.

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To debug the Mattermost server and web app on Linux, you can follow these steps:

  1. Enable Debug Mode: Open your Mattermost configuration file (config.json) and set the EnableDebugging option to true. This will enable more detailed logging.
  2. Restart Mattermost: Restart the Mattermost server to apply the changes made in the configuration file.
  3. Check the Logs: The logs can provide valuable information for debugging. On Linux, you can typically find the logs in the following locations:
  • Mattermost Server Logs: /var/log/mattermost/mattermost.log
  • Mattermost Web App Logs: Open your web browser’s developer tools (usually by pressing F12), and switch to the “Console” tab. This will display any error messages or warnings related to the Mattermost web app.
  1. Reproduce the Issue: Try to reproduce the issue you are facing while keeping an eye on the logs. This will help you identify any specific error messages or warnings related to the problem.
  2. Search the Mattermost Forum and GitHub Issues: The Mattermost community forum and GitHub issues are great resources to find solutions to common problems. Search for keywords related to your issue to see if others have faced similar problems and found solutions.
  3. Enable Extended Logging: If the default logging level is not producing enough information to debug the issue, you can increase the logging level to “DEBUG” or “INFO” in your Mattermost configuration file (config.json). Remember to restart Mattermost after making changes.
  4. Use Developer Tools: If you are facing issues with the Mattermost web app, you can open your web browser’s developer tools (usually by pressing F12) and switch to the “Network” tab to monitor network requests and responses. The “Console” tab can also provide useful information about any JavaScript errors or warnings.

By following these steps, you should be able to gather more information about the issue you are facing with Mattermost on Linux and work towards finding a solution.

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