Mattermost ui problems after gitlab update

I just updated gitlab from version 8.2.2 to 8.3.2 fbb8b6e, and now the UI in mattermost appears to be broken(ish).

All of the features still work, but the css or something similar appears to be messed up. The scrollbar is also missing.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have no idea how to even troubleshoot a styling problem.

More Info
GitLab 8.3.2
GitLab Shell 2.6.9
GitLab API v3
Ruby 2.1.7p400
Rails 4.2.4

Hi @Slimmons, can you let us know what browser and client OS you’re using? Also, could you please try your browser in InCognito or Private Browsing mode to disable any add-ins?

Hi @it33 , thanks for the help. This problem is effecting my entire team. The OS’ include Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and various Debian based distros. Browsers include Firefox, Chrome, IE, and variations of those browsers.

I’ll try in incognito or private browsing mode tomorrow morning (our mattermost is only accessible from inside our building currently).

Thanks @Slimmons, please try your browser on the v1.3.0 test server at (if you have a account it’s just one-click to join).

If that renders properly, then it’s not a browser issue, and perhaps a CSS file got corrupted. Try using the Upgrade Guide and instead of upgrading, in Step 1 iv) just download v1.3.0 to replace your current file and see if that solves things?

Mattermost is a compiled binary so it’s really weird to see styling issues like this…

@it33 , so, something kind of odd happened. The image I uploaded in my original question isn’t valid anymore, and the problems there are gone…so yaaay. Now everything in the chat pane is centered. It’s also that way in the site, so it looks like a problem on my end for sure (unless that’s the new design).

the chat being centered isn’t expected behavior is it? It’s not bad, just different, and since I was already having issues, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t have something broken.

Centered the channel content was added recently, I think there was discussion about having an option to left justify it, but it’s not a bug,

Glad to hear the issue is narrowed down :slight_smile: