MM repeatedly 'forgets' login credentials after few days

Hello there,

I sincerely hope that someone has good advice in this matter. I am a MM user (on 3 different servers) and there’s an issue that keeps bugging me ever since. I hope it’s just a config issue:


My MM client (OSX) constantly ‘forgets’ my login credentials for my three different MM servers, as a result I have to put in my username and password every few days/weeks. Very annoying. Two of three servers uses the Gitlab login procedure.

Has anyone experienced this? Would be grateful for any hints.


Hi @arjanski,

Thank you for your feedback,

Which version of Mattermost server are you using?

Have you tried changing the session length in the system console to a longer time period? (Main Menu > System Console > Security > Sessions)

Let me know if this helps?

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