MM v4.2.0 AD/LDAP Sync mail attribute


I need to figure out if this is already possible and is a simple change in the configuration somewhere or if it is a feature request.


I would like Mattermost AD/LDAP synchronization to pick up changes in mail attribute, and sync that with the “email” and “authdata” attributes in Mattermost.

Steps to reproduce

AD account, which is backing a Mattermost user, has the “mail” attribute changed.

Expected behavior

The “email” and “authdata” fields are synced with the AD account and the user experiences no issue.

Observed behavior

The user gets an error something like “account with that username already exists. Please contact your Administrator”.
This is because the “authdata” and “email” fields are now out of sync with the AD account.

At the moment, we correct this by manually updating the columns for that user in the database.

Hi @srothwell01,

Thanks for your feedback,

There have been numerous improvements to AD/LDAP since v4.2.

We suggest you update to the latest version of Mattermost to check whether this is still an issue after the upgrade.

Please let us know how it goes!

Hey @lindy65 thanks for the response.

So is this something that should work in 4.2 but there is just something preventing it from working in our case? Or is it not a feature in 4.2?

I’ll look at upgrading some time soon, thanks!


Hi @srothwell01,

Thanks for your question,

There have been some fixes to the way LDAP works which you can check in the changelog.