No trigger_id from custom slash commands?

Hi all, I’m looking at the interactive dialog documentation and it mentions that HTTP requests from slash commands will include a trigger ID that can be used to open an interactive dialog ( When I look at the custom slash documentation, however, it doesn’t mention trigger ID anywhere ( Does anyone have an example of a slash command opening an interactive dialog I can look at?

Response from our team:

This is just an oversight in the documentation. trigger_id should be sent when a slash command is executed. You can see everything is send here: (only the fields without json:"-" ).

Doc PR was opened here to make edits:

Following up on this topic, I can’t find any trigger_id in the payload following a slash command.

Here is what I got from mattermost:
{ "channel_id": "3xaziuq1qbbyd85zfhb8b1kdew", "channel_name": "town-square", "command": "/form", "response_url": "https://*******.net/hooks/commands/ubrmgp1atjrh9ebzadsazuqbmo", "team_domain": "team-****", "team_id": "om5ijy3xypyp7d49qdocu7178c", "text": "test", "token": "baiw3d7yjinwipxw95njmj3t6r", "user_id": "9b1396trhjffzj6rfogrno7i4a", "user_name": "hugo" }

What did I miss?

Thanks for your help !