OAuth single instance?

hi all, i am a GitLab employee and have a customer who may need multiple instances of GitLab. however, they feel their Mattermost integration prevents multiple GitLab instances due to Mattermost only supporting OAuth through a single instance. first, is this true? second, is this something that can be “fixed” or worked around? thanks in advance.

Hi @jlvaleriano,

A response from a community member:

Yes, we believe that currently you can configure only one GitLab instance to authenticate against. However, it’s probably possible to work something out. Can you help with more details on why “the customer may need multiple instances of GitLab” (but only one instance of Mattermost)?

Hi @amy.blais,
Thank you for your feedback! The customer is interested in leveraging multiple subscription models in this example. In one instance, they would have GitLab’s premium package with all of its features. In the other instance, they want a cheaper package of features for a group the customer believes does not need all the premium features. Does this help? Thanks again.

Hi @jlvaleriano,

Some feedback from our community members:

GitLab supports LDAP authentication and Mattermost EE supports it as well. Suggestion: the customer could use one LDAP instance to configure access to Mattermost/GitLab instance(s).

One of our community members has two instances of Gitlab in their workplace. One that is only reachable from the intranet and one from the internet but both are used by the same users. They have worked around this by using LDAP login for both. But this also means that somebody has to set up an LDAP Server for authentication.

Does this help? You can see the full discussion on this thread.

Yes, this does help! I appreciate your feedback.