OpenOps AI Video Devlog 🎥

Hi everybody, I’m working on some enhancements in the post editor using AI, I’ll keep posting things while I’m developing them, but I want to show you a sneak peek of what is possible now with these changes.


New update. Added a new action to make the text sound more professional assisted by the AI.


Another nice update on the post editor. Now I’m improving the interface to make it more usable and nice.

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This is a demo of the new Mattermost AI plugin for the post editor that allows us only to affect the selected text instead of the whole input value.


Another demo today. I’m now adding the “Ask AI to edit selection” option that allows me to request changes to the text to the AI.


Another interesting usage of the AI technology. This time is around using Whisper to extract the audio/video files content to make them searchable by the conversation that happens inside.


@jespino these are amazing! Could we start separate threads for each video, with a title?

I think we want more discussion and comments on the demo and splitting them up into different posts can make that a bit easier.

No need to go back, just maybe we could have future ones posted individually?

Sure, let’s do it that way.

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