Permission Errors

We are moving from a free account to a self-hosted account. We set up a singleserver Mattermost instance using the Omnibus scripts.

I was able to download our content in from Cloud instance using mmctl but when trying to upload to the Omnibus instance I get permission errors.

I logged into our Omnibus installation from my remote machine with mmctl and run this command:

mmctl import upload

After a few moments I get this return>

Error: failed to upload data: : Unable to write the file., unable to create the directory /var/opt/mattermost/data/import for the file /var/opt/mattermost/data/import/ mkdir /var/opt/mattermost/data: permission denied

I have been search for a solution for hours with no success. Anyone else experience this and found a solution or know what is going on. Our small start up business really needs our Mattermost instance up and going ASAP as our free account runs out tonight.

Thanks for your help

I have the same error message when people try to upload attached images to posts, or upload a profile picture.
Did you manage to solve your problem?