Policy for default/mandatory channel members (for all channels)

Good day,

We have a Mattermost enterprise instance, and a BOT that exists to auto-plop some useful information on certain keywords.

Currently the bot needs to be manually added by users in a channel if they want to leverage it, but many don’t know about it.

  1. We’d like to auto-populate this bot into all existing channels
  2. Any new channels created in the future should have the bot automatically added by default

Channel admins MAY decide to remove the bot if they find it non-useful (but this would be rare).

Is there any recommended way to accomplish this currently? (or should we submit an enhancement request)

I don’t believe there’s any way to easily do this as described.

The best option I could think of would be to use a slash command instead of a bot and have an integration that periodically looks at all teams and adds the command to any new teams it finds. Slash commands are team-wide and wouldn’t have to be added to each channel, and that would save from having a “bot has joined the channel” in each channel.

If you did want a bot, it might be possible to do something similar by making it a system admin and having it query all teams and then all channels, but I don’t know if that can get private channels.

Your best bet might be to open a feature request. I know there’s at least one for system wide slash commands that already exists.