Problem in Google Chrome 51 latest and Mattermost and Gitlab and LDAP

I am having a very strange problem that I believe is a Google Chrome bug, believe it or not.

I have an omnibus Gitlab install, Mattermost is enabled, and when you log into the urls, what is happening on the gitlab install is that nginx should recognize mattermost as a virtual host. Due to integration of logins, you are redirected to the main gitlab site to authorize and then redirected back to mattermost.

Everything works on Firefox, everything works on Microsoft Edge, and IE, everything works on Google Chrome Canary (53). It works until you’re logged in on Google Chrome 51 and then it fails, you get a GITLAB logo themed 404 page generated by nginx, instead of getting the mattermost page load.

Has anyone seen this?


We are running Chrome Version 51.0.2704.106 m without any issues here.
With gitlab as oauth - ldap bridge on the same machine with 2 different vhosts.
Only hat some issues with starting mattermost itself, caused by the wrong file permissions of the logfile of mattermost.log

Greetings Nev

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I wish I even had some idea how to troubleshoot this.