Problem to enable Mattermost on gitlab


I’ve actually the last version of Gitlab, using a no-embed nginx webserver.
I’m trying to activate Mattermost on my Gitlab but no success.

Here is my gitlab.rb :

external_url ""
nginx[‘enable’] = false
web_server[‘external_users’] = [‘www-data’]
mattermost_external_url '
mattermost[‘enable’] = true
mattermost_nginx[‘enable’] = false

but when i’m trying to access to i’m going to
I think the vhost for mattermost is missing, but i’ve no idea of the “good” vhost to make this work.

Any help to get mattermost on gitlab working ? Any help appreciated.

(sorry for this newbish question) …

Thanks a lot.

Hey neodern,

Just to check, you did run gitlab-ctl reconfigure after making changes to gitlab.rb, right?

Hi pearofducks,

Nice try ! =D But yes … I did …

Can you confirm that mattermost need his own vhost ?
In this case i would like to see an exemple of vhost for mattermost …

EDIT : Ok, so i tried to install mattermost without Gitlab integration and i’ve found a vhost here :

It seems to work fine now. :smile: