Show all tasks from all boards, that assigned to one person

We are using boards for assigning tasks. These tasks are split over multiple boards, each board representing one project.

I am looking for a way now to show all tasks, that are assigned to one specific person from all boards in one view. That way it would be much easier to see what todos are open, without going trough each individual board.

What options do I have, to archive that?

Thanks a lot!


there’s no built-in method for that currently, what you’re looking for seems to be a global activity/task dashboard across multiple boards and such a thing is not available right now.
You could try to script something on your own by using the boards API though.

Great, thanks - I will give it a try!

Any update or plugins or tools built towards this?

Any updates on that? It’s a really important 'HIGHER VIEW" for project managers.

Hi i quickly created this cli tool to get the tasks related to yourself with a status that is not completed

its not that sophisticated though