Slash commands, headers and JSON


Is there any hope for JSON support in the slash commands in the future? For some reason all other integrations use JSON but slash commands form-urlencoded as the data format. Many external apps only accept JSON as the format, so that seriously limits the usefulness of the slash commands at the moment.

And, is there any way to configure the headers the slash commands send in requests? I have been randomly playing around with one problem related to them for a year or two but seems like no development has still happened at either side.

Basically, Microsoft Automate (Flow) is answering 401 to any request that has Authorization header in it, and I haven’t found any way to either tell Mattermost to not send the header or to Flow to ignore it. I can work around that by sending the request first to an intermediate web server, strip the header and format the request to JSON with a script but that’s ugly, adds one more breaking component and requires extra work every time to create any simple slash-command integration.