SMTP Gmail connection


I had a question regarding email. when we set up email notification
on mattermost with a google account we receive a notification from
google saying that there was a connection from Dubai.
Do you know about it?


Hi @JulienC,

Unless your Mattermost instance is located in Dubai, that shouldn’t be caused by Mattermost itself.

The only place that Mattermost uses your credentials is when connecting to the email server to send messages. The SMTP server, port, and username are also made available to admins in the System Console, but the password isn’t sent to the client so unless someone had direct access to the config files, no users could get access to all of the credentials required to send emails.

Hi @hmhealey,

thanks for the answer.

our server is not located in Dubai at all but in Europe. I don’t know why we are receiving security notification.

Only mattermost is installed on the server, we just hit the command which are in the tutorial.