[SOLVED] Can the LDAP User Filter read Security groups or nested Groups

Does Mattermost LDAP User filter have the ability to read Security groups/ nest security groups?

I tried setting my filter and it did not work. I am sure my filter works because I tested a query in AD and it returns the expected users.
Here are the filters I have tried, domain is hidden.

(&(objectClass=*)(memberOf=CN=MattermostSG,OU=Security Groups,DC=xxxxxx,DC=com))
Within the MattermostSG group there are other groups. This did not work.

(&(objectClass=user)(memberOf=CN=MattermostSG,OU=Security Groups,DC=xxxxxx,DC=com))
I also tried just having username only in the MattermostSG group and it still did not work

Please note these filters are valid since they have been test.
The issue is the Mattermost cannot seem to read it. I get error message: Your AD/LDAP account does not have permission to use this Mattermost server. Please ask you System Administrator to check AD/LDAP user filter

Just to follow-up and post for the benifit of the community, this issue has been resolved:

In order to query the security groups, please make sure that you have the permissions correctly configured on the service account you are using.

Note that each user object has to be a direct member of a security group for the filter to work.