[SOLVED] Create_direct API fails after some calls when Load test is done


I am performing load test for 1000 users using JMeter.
I found that this API

BaseRoutes.Channels.Handle("/create_direct", ApiUserRequired(createDirectChannel)).Methods("POST")

is the first one to break and shows Gateway timeout Issue(504). Though it was executed successfully sometimes during test but later failed and successively other APIs started to fail randomly.

When i removed this API from JMeter API lists, the load test was performed without any failure( no API calls were failing in JMeter).
I am using mattermost 3.4 version.

Can someone suggest what could be wrong.

Note: when the same test was performed on version 3.0, it was a success.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Ajita,

Not sure why it would have stopped working, but I think create_direct isn’t a commonly used API. We’re working on some load tests that call APIs based on the frequency they’re actually used, and hope to share them with the community soon.


Thanks for replying.