[SOLVED] How to enable Video


I have read the below DOC, but not understand much and don’t know how to enable VIDEO.


Hi @rahul

The first thing would be setting up a WebRTC server, the video calls in mattermost need a Janus Gateway server to establish the connection between the peers in Mattermost you can see in the documentation that we provide a docker container with a pre-configured Janus server for your convenience.

if you don’t know how to run a docker container I would encourage you to read the Docker docs and then follow the instructions for the mattermost-webrtc docker container or if you prefer you can set up a Janus server by following the instructions here and then once you have that server up and running you can configure Mattermost to use it.

Let me know if that helps you a little bit more

Hello Elias,

I have configured the same as per your documentation, Now VIDEO icon is enabled and able to do VIDEO Call as well, but not able to PIC UP the call, If I PIC UP the call no video no audio is going on

Please help to setup!

Rahul Chandyok

Please see this thread