[SOLVED] Logs in application not updating


My logs are updating on disk. They’re enabled (both Console and File). I can’t see/follow them through the application, only directly in /opt/mattermost/logs or journalctl -u mattermost -e.

Steps to reproduce

Mattermost 4.5.0 EE
Go to System Console -> Logs

Expected behavior

Latest logs when observed in System Console are current.

Observed behavior

Latest logs when observed in System Console are September 2017. This coincides with the ‘top’ of the latest logfile in /opt/mattermost/logs/mattermost.log.

I’ve checked the perms of the files, and they’re all ‘right’:

[root@matterhost logs]# ls -l
total 11364
-rw-r-----. 1 mattermost mattermost 2983724 Jan 12 09:15 mattermost.log

I’ve restarted the service several times over the last few months (upgrades, etc), but the logs seem to be pinned to ‘old logs’

Hi @rheouk,

We recently fixed a bug where the logs weren’t updating correctly.

We suggest upgrading to the latest version of Mattermost which should resolve the issue for you.

Hi @lindy65

I logged this issue while I was on 4.5.0.

as of this morning, I’ve updated to 4.6.0 and this seems to be resolved, thanks!


Thanks for the update @rheouk, pleased your issue is resolved!