[SOLVED] Mattermost behind Squid proxy?

Has anyone had success running Mattermost behind a Squid proxy? Websockets aren’t functional with our current configuration, and our team’s research indicates that they may be unsupported. It would be great if there were a non-websocket way to connect to Mattermost.

Hi @Eronarn,

Appreciate the feedback. I’m not familiar with Squid proxy, but other members of the community might be.

Could I ask your help to file a feature idea for non-websocket support so the community can upvote? Thanks!

Looks like this request was filed - https://mattermost.uservoice.com/forums/306457-general/suggestions/11195772-provide-an-alternative-to-websockets-for-updates

Thanks for posting back the feature proposal @opoplawski!

I’ll close off this issue for now and we can track it with the feature proposal :slight_smile: