[SOLVED] Navigation to explicit post in the Mattermost from external application

Hi Team,

I am working on an application in which if the user search on a keyword , we are displaying the conversations that has happened for the “searched string”.

Once the user clicks on the respective post from our application, we need to redirect the user to the Mattermost and land up directly to the particular post where the conversation has actually happened.This is required for better usability.

Please note that user needs to enter the credentials again as it is not SSO based.
Also, I have the team id , channel id and post id information for each conversations.

Is there any way to handle the requirement?

Any suggestions are much appreciated.Excuse me in case i posted the query in wrong category.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @Geetika_Dwivedi,

Thanks for your question!

If I’m understanding correctly, the permalink feature will enable you to navigate to an explicit post? Have you tried using the post’s permalink?

Hi @Lindy65,

Thanks for the reply.
The permalink works when we are logged in to the Mattermost application , what we require is a link that lands up directly to the chat(after logging in) from an external application and not within Mattermost.

Is there any option to achieve this?


Hi @Geetika_Dwivedi,

Ah, got it… Thanks for clarifying!

I’m not too sure whether there is such an option at present but I’ll post your question to our product team and ask them to post some feedback here for you!

Thanks Lindy65.

Any inputs will be much appreciated.

@Geetika_Dwivedi Thank you for the feedback,

Currently this is not supported, but I can see this being useful in other cases too (for instance, clicking “Go to Post” in email notifications won’t direct you to the post if you haven’t logged in).

We have an open pull request, where if the user signs in with a link to a specific channel, they will be redirected to the correct channel after a successful login: https://github.com/mattermost/platform/pull/6304.

If we opened a Help Wanted ticket for a similar improvement (if the user signs in with a link to a specific POST, they will be redirected to the correct post after a successful login), would you or someone in your team be interested helping with it?

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Thanks Jasonblais for the inputs. I will open a help wanted ticket for the requirement.

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Thank you @Geetika_Dwivedi,

I’ll close this issue off for now but please feel free to come back any time if you have further questions!