[SOLVED] Platform does not start in Docker container

I managed to install the docker containers mattermost-prod-app and mattermost-prod-db without using the docker-compose (I am using this on Plesk ONYX hosting), and after setting up the database connection to prod-db container, everything works when I start the platform by hand (docker exec -ti matermost-prod… ) - the problem is that I can not manage to get it run by ‘itself’.

I was looking at the docker-entry.sh but do not understand why does it not start the platform at the container startup.

Is there a simple way to start the platform ‘as a service’ in the prod-app container, as this is the only thing missing for me to have this work? :slight_smile:

I deleted the app container, and added it back this time without editing the config file, but with setting the database connection through environment variables (MM_USERNAME … ), and now it works!

Great to hear your issue is resolved!