[SOLVED] Slack Advanced Export

Ok… I am wanting to import from slack to self-hosted Mattermost. I would like to use the Slack Advanced Export recommended in the documentation to get all attachments. For some reason I cannot for the life of me figure out how to process the file. I have the .zip file from slack on my server and the slack-advanced-export files on the server as well. When I go into the build folder for my system though and use the command (with my own file locations):

./slack-advanced-exporter --input-archive your-slack-team-export.zip --output-archive export-with-attachments.zip fetch-attachments

All that it gives me back is a list of the available commands. I’m assuming it’s something basic that I’m overlooking. Any help is appreciated. Sever is running Ubuntu 16.04

Edit: Got it working now.

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Glad to hear it @nlb_smg.