[SOLVED] Slash commands in direct messages do not work [PLT-7193 | Already reported]


Since upgrading from mattermost 3.5.1 to mattermost 4.0.1, slash commands fail in Direct messages

Steps to reproduce

  • Create Slash command in mattermost 3.5.1
  • Update to mattermost 4.0.1 ( overwrite 3.5.1 files with files from 4.0.1 and restore old config.json )
  • Try to use a Slash command in a direct message

Expected behavior

Slash command works

Observed behavior

  • In the UI / Web, the only message is: “We couldn’t find the existing team”
  • Looking into the log file it says: /api/v4/commands/execute:SqlTeamStore.Get code=404 rid=6hzxurmgy7rndf71h8cgdork5e uid=a19e3kbroidp58dsjn1jzuri7w ip=xx.xx.xx.xx We couldn’t find the existing team [details: id=]

Anyone got any idea whats going wrong?

Hello :wink:
Already reported here :slight_smile:

Damn, I tried to search for it first but failed. Thanks for the headsup! I voted for the ticket in jira :wink: