[Solved] - SMTP not working frech install

i install mattermost last stable version,.

i configure my smtp, but and mattermost says to me no problem with send mail :

on log message no error :

{“level”:“debug”,“ts”:1562327026.2933292,“caller”:“web/handlers.go:58”,“msg”:“POST - /api/v4/email/test”}
{“level”:“debug”,“ts”:1562327026.6622524,“caller”:“web/handlers.go:58”,“msg”:“POST - /api/v4/email/test”}
{“level”:“debug”,“ts”:1562327026.8399808,“caller”:“web/handlers.go:58”,“msg”:“POST - /api/v4/email/test”}
{“level”:“debug”,“ts”:1562327027.0472362,“caller”:“web/handlers.go:58”,“msg”:“POST - /api/v4/email/test”}

but i never received my message.

how get more log on what’s happening please ,

i reboot and now works