Support for Postgres-XL or CITUS

Hi All,
So I have been playing with MM and would like to try moving to a highly available DB setup with Postgres-XL.
I have been able to get the basic setup working by pre-creating the tables and setting DISTRIBUTION to replicate.

CREATE TABLE channels (
    id character varying(26) NOT NULL,
    createat bigint,
    updateat bigint,
    deleteat bigint,
    teamid character varying(26),
    type character varying(1),
    displayname character varying(64),
    name character varying(64),
    header character varying(1024),
    purpose character varying(128),
    lastpostat bigint,
    totalmsgcount bigint,
    extraupdateat bigint,
    creatorid character varying(26)

Logging in and posting works for a while, but eventually looks like the DB stops processing new posts.

Anyone have experience setting up MM with a clustered Postgres setup?

Hi @dimitertodorov,

High availability is a feature that’s complex to setup and test on a monthly release cycle, and it’s most typically used in enterprises rather than teams, so it’s not supported in Mattermost Team Edition.

There’s a commercial Enterprise Edition that offers it, including support, and the Enterprise Team can be contacted for more information on that offering.