Too frequent Retry/Cancel message

We are receiving this message much too often.
As we are chatting, we type a msg and “Retry/Cancel” appears to the right.
The client is not disconnected from the network, nor is the server when this happens.
This happens in both direct message chats and public and private channels.

It happens a lot!

server version 5.4.0.
this happens to us multiple times a day in the following OS/client combos
windows 10 desktop client 4.1.2
windows 10 desktop client 5.4.0
Windows 10, desktop version 4.0.1
windows 8.1 4.1.2

ubuntu 18.04 mm client 4.1.2
Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia Version 4.1.2

OSX mojave mm 4.1.2
Mac OS 10.10.5, MM desktop


any suggestions?

Hi @andyseubert,

Do you see any log errors or errors in the Developer Console?

I did not know there was a developer console in the windows client, but have now found it and will check for errors the next time it happens to me


Hi @andyseubert,

The retry/cancel message comes if there is a poor network connection (I know you mentioned you are connected to a network) - would you be able to test out with a different network to see if you experience anything different?

This could also be an issue with websocket connections - can you help take a look at our troubleshooting tips here for help:

I understand that it makes sense for the retry/cancel to happen, however the problem is that the very next message I enter goes through so we are winding up in a conversation that has no other noticeable delays, and comments get skipped because one message fails to send when the very next one in a quickly moving conversation goes right through.
Our office network is 1GB switched to the desktop .
It would make sense to me for the mattermost client to retry at least a couple of times for up to 2 seconds to send the message and only then give up trying.

This is clearly a problem in the mattermost client where it gets a network hiccup and never retries sending the message.

Hi @andyseubert,

The tips in these earlier threads might be helpful:

If not, I’ll ask our team for more information on this issue.

those do not appear to be related to our problem. Today I experienced a weird thing which I don’t kno wif it’s related where I typed a sentence, hit enter and typed another and hit enter.
I then did not see my first sentence, but do see my second one, and my co-chatters both saw both of my entries.

seems weird but maybe unrelated?

Hi @andyseubert,

Is your Mattermost server part of the office network? If not, something outside their network might be responsible for the issues you’re experiencing. I asked from our team about this and one community member replied that they agree that this sounds like an issue with your connection.

The network is monitored and while there is occasionally some congestion, we basically never see pauses exceeding a second or two. But let’s assume for the sake of the discussion we are occasionally dropping peoples’ websocket connections and the fault is outside of Mattermost. The client behavior is still quite bad. It should retry the connection at least once before giving any kind of messaging, and it does not seem to. It immediately errors out requiring user intervention and then works fine immediately on the next message while the previous one remains in limbo until the user does something. This is a horrible user experience.

Unlike most of our users, I am using Matterhorn, which briefly displays a “reconnecting” message and then automatically sends the pending message. This happens so fast I almost never notice it. So, my user experience with Matterhorn is a huge amount better than what most of our users are getting.

Hi @andyseubert and @jacoblundberg,

I opened an improvement ticket here:

If you want latest updates to the ticket, you can add yourself as a watcher. To do this, click on the ticket URL and click “Start Watching This Issue.” If a ticket similar to this already exists and this ends up being a duplicate ticket, we will then close the ticket that I attached above and place a note in the “Comments” section with the ticket that you can follow instead.

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