[solved] Incoming messages not automatically loading

This question is similar to the unresolved issues discussed by the OP and another commenter here:


When person A sends a message to person B, the mattermost client for user B does not show the message until user B clicks away from the channel and returns to it.

Steps to reproduce


Expected behavior

Messages should send and receive automatically.

Observed behavior

When standing beside a coworker on the same network, or when on the phone with a coworker on a different network, we can test the sending of messages and see that the messages don’t come through until we click away and return, or refresh the page.

This image shows a chrome browser developer’s console after letting it sit for some time (not necessarily waiting on a message, but sitting on the same page in the background for a while).

Hi @Nosus_Decipio,

What device and browser are you seeing this on? Also, is there any specific time it takes for the messages to load without performing a refresh (just wanted to get a sense of whether you’re talking about seconds / minutes / hours / etc.)?

Thanks for your reply, Amy!

We are having this reported in multiple browsers as well as the mac desktop client, leading me to believe that we have something configured improperly.

I’ve tried waiting to see if a message loads in on it’s own, but I haven’t tried it for longer than 5 minutes. I’ll update you here if I’m able to get more precise results.

Note: I’ve updated the OP with an image containing the console log after letting it sit for a while

Hi @Nosus_Decipio,

This sounds like it could be a websocket issue - can you help take a look at these troubleshooting tips in our docs (you may have already):

[SOLVED] The F5 load balancer was using a layer 7 (HTTP) load balancer and this was not allowing websocket connections.

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