Desktop application notifications and new message issues

Hej, I am currently evaluating Mattermost using the preview docker image. I have some issues with the Windows Desktop application: notification is not working and the messages are not displayed automatically. I need to change the channel to get the new messages displayed. Until then, I see only the “old” messages.
iOS, Windows Edge Browser are working fine.

Every help is appreciated.

Thanks @nem5ac3 for the report,

Can you help check the following:

  1. Do notifications and new messages work properly on Chrome?
  2. If another user is away for more than 5 minutes, do their status properly change on the desktop app to ‘away’?
  3. What is your Mattermost server version in Main Menu > About Mattermost?
  4. What is your desktop app version from Menu Bar > Help > Version?
  1. Notifications are not working in Chrome on my installation
  2. Status of other users do not properly change. The other person is marked as offline, although he is online. He sees himself as offline, too
  3. Version: 3.5.0 (3.5.2)
  4. 3.5.0

Another observation:

  • Mattermost runs inside the docker container on port 8065, but is exposed to the clients as 80. Could this be an issue?

Hey @nem5ac3, this sounds like potential WebSocket connection issues.

Would you like to try troubleshooting steps documented here? Let me know if you have any questions.

Same setup here, installed according to:

BUT the docker installation is behind a nginx reverse proxy. Everything works fine through the proxy except the notifications from Chrome or the desktop app. I don’t get any notifications by Chrome about Websockets not working and looking at the troubleshooting instructions I tried to adapt my reverse proxy config to mirror those but that didn’t help.

The only difference to the original post is I am running:
Mattermost Enterprise Edition - Modern communication from behind your firewall. - Version: 3.6.0 (3.6.2)

Hi @ovizii,

Could you try updating to the latest version of Mattermost released on March 16th and let us know if this solves your issue?