Mattermost does not show me the notifications of the messages

Mattermost does not show me the notifications of the messages, for example I am interacting with a user in a personal or group conversation and I minimize the application, if I do not maximize the application it never tells me that they wrote to me, in a few words it does not notify me. However, if it is from another person or group there if you notify me

Please help, it is important to solve because users do not realize that they wrote to you and it can take hours to respond

Hello, @ainfante

May I know if you might have accidentally muted the channel since you mentioned that the rest of the messages from another person or group notifies you properly?

Screenshot 2020-12-12 at 02.54.43

Also, can I please confirm that your status was not set to Do Not Disturb too?


Let me know how it goes on your end.

First of all grateful for your support, thank you very much, I did not know how to explain, what you told me I already verified and that is correct, the problem is that if I have a conversation with someone in the chat and I minimize with that open chat and that person writes me again I did not receive the notification

If I change the chat there if I receive notifications from that person


Hello, @ainfante

You are most welcome. While I understand that the notification does not trigger when you have the last open chat with the user before minimizing the client, can you explain more on the screen shot you shared? Is the notification not showing for the Reuniones EM public channel?

Let us also dig deeper in terms of your account notification settings. Can you please confirm it looks like on your end? For example, this is how it looks like on my side.

Also, which environment are you on (Mac / Windows / Linux) and which version of desktop app are you on?

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mattermost is installed on Linux centos 7 and the application is used in windows 10, as I mentioned before I am chatting with someone and I minimize the application and if I do not maximize it I do not see the messages that it keeps sending me, however they write to me from a group or in provado and those if they arrive and so it happens with that new conversation if I minimize the notifications of that conversation no longer arrive, it only arrives if it is from another group or person

@ahmaddanial I’m having the thought that Mattermost may not be checking if the window is minimized when determining notifications to send, and as a result, assuming that the user is actively viewing the currently open channel/private conversation, and as a result not sending notifications. Is this a possibility?

Hello, @ainfante

Any chance you can provide me with the desktop app version as well? Since you are running on Mattermost Server 5.23.1, would you consider upgrading the server to the ESR version at least since 5.23.1 is already out of support?

With reference to this, it means that the DM is not showing the toaster notification on the screen.

Again, I would like to know if this direct message is muted or not. If you can confirm that this is happening to specific users, get the full screen shot and blank out the messages for privacy purposes.

@XxLilBoPeepsxX The catch here is that the notifications goes through on what I believe to be the group message, though I am not entirely sure what is the behavior for public & private channel. If the use case is that the app thinks that the user is still active, none of the notifications should go through in the first place. So, it works for some, it does not work for some. We need to know what the differences between these conversations are.

@ahmaddanial your explanation makes a lot of sense, I agree, more information will be useful, I’ll be watching this one :slight_smile:

It is really what is happening, I am going to update the server and the app, and I am telling you.

Thanks in advance for the support