Not working notifications

I installed mattermost on ubuntu server via docker. All work fine but notifications not received in desktop windows application only balloon in system tray. What wrong i do?

Hello, Vitali.

While this thread is old, I would like to ensure that other users who may run into the same issue are able to find the solution to it. According to the Desktop Notifications section:

  • Configure when desktop notifications are sent in Account Settings > Notifications > Desktop Notifications > Send Desktop Notifications .
  • Configure channel-specific desktop notifications in Channel Menu > Notification Preferences > Send Desktop Notifications . By default, all channels use the global setting configured in Account Settings .

When Desktop App notifications are set to “Only for mentions and direct messages,” an empty red circle is displayed over the upper right corner of the Mattermost dock icon when any message without an at-mention is received. A solid red circle with a post count is displayed when a message with an at-mention is received.

Can you confirm if the notification is set accordingly on the desktop application?

Account Settings >> Notifications