Ubuntu make test fails

Did all the dev installation procedure, but make test still fails
Here is the trace

goroutine 25 [chan receive]:
/usr/lib/go/src/pkg/database/sql/sql.go:583 +0x48
created by database/sql.Open
/usr/lib/go/src/pkg/database/sql/sql.go:442 +0x27c

goroutine 17 [syscall]:
exit status 2

Thanks for your help
FAIL github.com/mattermost/platform/api 1.240s
godep: go exit status 1
Makefile:66: recipe for target ‘test’ failed


Found my problem post here just in case.

Have to define dockerhost somewhere, as an alias of localhost for a dev machine. dockerhost is used to connect to the sql database.
I don’t think mercurial is used any more confirm ?
In case you run bash on ubuntu update your ~/.basrc instead of ~/.bash_profile
Suggest to update the dev setup accordingly

Hi jlebleu,

Thanks for the info. I think mercurial is recently no longer required as we moved to using the godeps from the _workspace directory instead of restoring them.

We are currently in the process of updating the dev machine install instructions. I will pass along your information to the person doing the update.