Upcoming Changes with Mattermost 10.0

Mattermost v10.0 is planned for September, 2024. With Mattermost 10.0, we’re excited to bring you the power of AI applied to the secure collaboration within Mattermost. In v10.0, users retain all the efficiency you’ve come to depend on from our platform without compromising on data control or deployment choice. See below for more details on the top focus areas:

Mitigate the risk of AI while delivering efficiency in a secure collaboration space

  • Our Mattermost Copilot offering will provide a flexible LLM backend and the ease of using @mentions in channels and threads. Plus even more functionality will be available for enterprise installs to summarize threads and calls without sacrificing data control, productivity or security.

Calls General Availability

  • Our revamped Calls feature will offer live captioning, transcripts, and host controls, empowering your team to collaborate effectively across channels and platforms. Paired with our Mattermost Copilot solution, shave hours off your week by automating meeting summaries to channels.

Please check the below list for planned breaking changes for this release as well:

  • MySQL - We will no longer support new installations using MySQL starting in v10. All new customers and/or deployments will only be supported with the minimum supported version of the PostgreSQL database. End of support for MySQL is targeted for Mattermost v11.
  • Apps Framework - Apps framework will be deprecated in a future upcoming release. Please extend Mattermost using webhooks, slash commands, oAuth2 apps and plugins.
  • Playbooks for Enterprise - An Enterprise license will be required to use v2.0+ Playbooks functionality starting in v10. Team Edition and Professional deployments can continue to use Playbooks v1.x. Security and feature updates will only be added to Playbooks v2.0+.

As always, we are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for you and your organization. We will support v9.11 (released in August, 2024) as our last extended support release (ESR) for Mattermost version 9.x. This ESR will reach end of life in May, 2025, giving you ample time to plan for your upgrade to this new version.

To ensure your upgrade is smooth and easy, we’ve provided some FAQs below:


  1. As an IT admin, what should I confirm before upgrading to Mattermost v10.0?
  • If you’re following the Mattermost upgrade guide with standard defaults, everything should go smoothly. Please double check the upgrade guides for guidance on the upgrade process.
  1. What Desktop App and Mobile App versions are supported with Mattermost v10.0?
  • Desktop Apps: For the most optimal experience we recommend upgrading to version 5.8 of the Desktop App. However, previous versions of the desktop application will still be backwards compatible.

  • Mobile Apps: Mattermost native Mobile applications will also be backwards compatible with the Mattermost v10.0 updates. We recommend testing any custom-built apps with server v10.0 before releasing to production.

  1. As an end user or organization, what’s in it for me to look forward to in Mattermost v10.0?
  • Mattermost v10.0 will offer the following AI-driven functionality for the first time:
    • catch up quickly on unread channels, threads, and messages;
    • invite Copilot into all conversations;
    • clarify action items from Call-based meetings;
    • and brainstorm privately with Copilot.