Upcoming Changes with Mattermost 8.0

Mattermost v8.0 is planned for the summer of 2023. Quality improvements and training resources are the top focus in this release to improve user experience and stability after a couple of years of rapid innovation. See below for more details on the top focus areas:

Core chat user experience quality-of-life improvements

  • Quality improvements to key features used by teams on a daily basis.
  • Many quality-of-life and server performance improvements making Mattermost more performant and easier to use.
  • Microsoft Teams federation with direct messages and channels, as well as AI (ChatGPT & AskSage) integrations.

New end user onboarding training for core collaboration tools in the platform

  • Training on all collaboration products including Channels, Calls, Playbooks, and Boards.
  • Updated intro to the platform and navigation to assist in onboarding of new users.
  • 10 new modules overall covering a variety of key collaboration features.

Administration training and resources for a successful upgrade to August ESR

  • The next ESR release is tentatively planned for August, 2023.
  • Administration training series, including a module focused specifically on upgrades.
  • Upgrade migration scripts for ESR to ESR migrations.
  • Upgrade assistance for complex Enterprise upgrades for customers with Premier support.

Please check out our release notes for a list of deprecations and breaking changes planned for this release as well.

As always, we are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for you and your organization. We will support v7.8 (released in February, 2023) as our last extended support release (ESR) for Mattermost version 7.x. This ESR will reach end of life in November, 2023, giving you ample time to plan for your upgrade to this new version.

To ensure your upgrade is smooth and easy, we’ve provided some FAQs below:


  1. As an IT admin, what should I confirm before upgrading to Mattermost v8.0?
  • If you’re following the Mattermost upgrade guide with standard defaults, everything should go smoothly. Please double check the upgrade guides for guidance on the upgrade process.
  1. What Desktop App and Mobile App versions are supported with Mattermost v8.0?
  • Desktop Apps: For the most optimal experience we recommend upgrading to version 5.3 of the Desktop App. However, previous versions of the desktop application will still be backwards compatible.

  • Mobile Apps: Mattermost native Mobile applications will also be backwards compatible with the Mattermost v8.0 updates. We recommend testing any custom-built apps with server v8.0 before releasing to production.