Update / migrate from 4.5.0 to last stable release

Hello guys

We have a customer with old 4.5.0 mattermost installation that would like to update/migrate to last stable release.

So, what’s best way for done this and keep data?


Hi @webstyler and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

I must admit that 4.5.0 is quite dusty already, but the Important Upgrade Notes still have the necessary information (although 4.5.0 is not mentioned there, are you sure that you’re really using version 4.5.0 and that this was not the client version you’re reporting here?).
Please doublecheck by browsing to https://<yourserverurl>/api/v4/config/client?format=old - you can see the Version attribute there which will show you exactly the server version running.

Hello and thanks for support

We have check also on the server log:
[2019/05/25 12:03:53 UTC] [INFO] Current version is 4.5.0

Alright, in this case I’d suggest to upgrade in multiple steps, to be on the safe side.
4.5.0 → 5.2.0 → 5.37.10 → 7.8.0

Thanks for usefull suggest.
May be more complicated, because was originally installed with docker, so may need to update also docker that are a little be older.

There isn’t a safe way to make new fresh installation of last mattermost release and import data from 4.5 ?


You can convert your installed 4.5.0 docker setup to a 4.6.0 binary installation, all you’d have to do here is to carry over the /opt/mattermost directory from the container as well as the contents of the database (if it’s a PostgreSQL database, you’d dump it in the container and load it into a native install). That should be all that’s needed, basically.

Can you describe your current docker setup? Do you use docker-compose or what command is used to start the containers? How many of them are running for Mattermost? nginx + mattermost + database or any other variant? What volumes are mapped into the containers?