Upgrade from 6.3 selfhosted


I am running a self-hosted Mattermost instance in version 6.3. The desktop app is now constantly warning me that the server version needs to be updated. I would like to do this now. What is the best way to upgrade from 6.3. to the current version? Can I make a backup and then import it? I’ve looked in the docs, which is a bit overwhelming and I’m afraid that nothing will work anymore. Can you help me and give me some tips. Thanks a lot

You can directly upgrade from v6.3 to the latest version (7.5.1). Please read the important upgrade notes. This guide will also help with how to backup your server: Backup and disaster recovery — Mattermost documentation.

Hi Roque and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

If you need assistance during your upgrade, let me know - but in order to help you, I need to know a few more details about your deployment like the deployment method used (docker, binary, omnibus, etc.) the database server used (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and if your Mattermost installation is running inside a virtual machine which could be snapshotted f.ex. in order to have a restore point if something goes wrong during the upgrade.

Hi Alexander,
thank you for your help and your welcome!
I have Mattermost running on the hoster uberspace.de. I installed it there according to their installation instructions . I also have a backup of the mysql DB and the directories, but now the installation instructions don’t quite match the system and I’m a bit afraid that it won’t run anymore.

Hi again,

thanks for the context, so this is a binary installation and the only thing that differs from the official upgrade installation is the path you installed the application too. If you followed the docs from uberspace, instead of using /opt/mattermost you will have the application in /home/yourusername/mattermost. Everything else should be the same.

In what points of the upgrade instructions do you see additional differences?

I wonder if I can just follow the official instructions. Of course, I know that the path specifications are different, or I should use the instructions from uberspace so that everything works again afterwards. Thanks for your time.

The upgrade is a bit different to a fresh installation, so I’m not sure if there is any uberspace update documentation. You will not need to create a new MySQL database or user accounts, also the supervisor config etc. does not need to be changed, all you need to do is overwrite the existing binary data with the ones from the package, so you should be good to go when you follow the official upgrade instructions and just take care of the uberspace-specifics.

uberspace says to back up a few directories, then follow their instructions and replace the client/plugins, config, data, logs and plugins directories.

Yah, which is almost what the official upgrade installation says, so this should work for you.