Upgrading from 5.9.0 and PostgreSQL 9.2.24 to 5.31.5 and PostgreSQL 10.17

Hi all,

I need some advice on the best strategy to do an upgrade of both Mattermost and PostgreSQL as detailed in the topic title.

Can I upgrade Mattermost and retain the old version of PostgreSQL and then upgrade the database, or do I need to do it the other way around? Are there any issues with either way of doing the upgrades?

I have found documentation on how to export the data and import it into the upgraded PostgreSQL but I’m not sure whether I should have upgraded Mattermost before doing this.


Michael Lightfoot
Delivery Engineer
Sliced Tech
Canberra, Australia

Hi @oldphart !

Only from Mattermost 5.32 onwards, we have stopped supporting Postgres versions less than 10. But if you are upgrading till 5.31.5, there are no issues with however order you want to upgrade.

As long as you keep a backup of your DB, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Thanks for that. I did the upgrade to 5.31.7 yesterday with no issues.

Now I need to plan for the Postgres upgrade to 10.x. I assume install the latest 10.x release followed by a pg_dumpall and then a pg_restore into a new 10.x database.

Are there any gotchas - will 5.31.7 support the latest 10.x release of Posgres?


Michael Lightfoot
Delivery Engineer
Sliced Tech
Canberra Australia

Yes, it should. We haven’t noticed any issues in our testing.