Upload file problem

When I want to upload a file, it freezes. I checked permission, but it is not a problem because when I go to docker, I don’t have a problem creating files in data, like this user.

Steps to reproduce
How can we reproduce the issue (what version are you using?)

Mattermost Version: 7.8.2

Database Schema Version: 101

Database: postgres

debian 10

install in docker

Expected behavior
App uploading, but server dont gimmy response on call POST /api/v4/files.

Observed behavior
I couldn’t see anything in the mattermost.log.

Hi @olidstva and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

is this a new setup? Did it ever work? Were there any recent changes which could be the reason for it to not work anymore (if it ever did)? Does a restart of the Mattermost docker container fix the problem temporarily?

i had 5.37.10 and it was ok, so i had to manually upgrade db for upgrade after it i upgraded from 6.3.10 to 7.1.8 and to 7.8.2. I rebuilded all docker and it started ok. Docker started healthy and everything see like ok, but people start write me, that they couldnt upload any file. When i was debugging, i saw that api call on file dont gimmy response, but i dont see anything for this problem in mattermost.log. Only

In docker is log for board, where is the problem API ERROR code=500 error="http handler panic" api=/api/v2/files/teams/fbcb8sw477fnbc39t9xqg5o68e/ba1g9rrggr7ydtr9b79ohqntxua/7mufztg5kbbdhfxagxqbdwdqawe.gif github.com/mattermost/focalboard/server/api.(*API).errorResponse github.com/mattermost/focalboard/server/api/api.go:200 github.com/mattermost/focalboard/server/api.(*API).panicHandler.func1.1 github.com/mattermost/focalboard/server/api/api.go:131 runtime.gopanic runtime/panic.go:838 runtime.panicmem runtime/panic.go:220 runtime.sigpanic runtime/signal_unix.go:818 github.com/mattermost/focalboard/server/api.(*API).handleServeFile github.com/mattermost/focalboard/server/api/files.go:173 github.com/mattermost/focalboard/server/api.(*API).attachSession.func1 github.com/mattermost/focalboard/server/api/auth.go:369 net/http.HandlerFunc.ServeHTTP net/http/server.go:2084 github.com/mattermost/focalboard/server/api.(*API).requireCSRFToken.func1 github.com/mattermost/focalboard/server/api/api.go:147 net/http.HandlerFunc.ServeHTTP net/http/server.go:2084 github.com/mattermost/focalboard/server/api.(*API).panicHandler.func1 github.com/mattermost/focalboard/server/api/api.go:135 net/http.HandlerFunc.ServeHTTP net/http/server.go:2084 github.com/gorilla/mux.(*Router).ServeHTTP github.com/gorilla/mux@v1.8.0/mux.go:210 github.com/mattermost/focalboard/mattermost-plugin/server/boards.(*BoardsApp).ServeHTTP github.com/mattermost/focalboard/mattermost-plugin/server/boards/boardsapp.go:226 main.(*Plugin).ServeHTTP github.com/mattermost/focalboard/mattermost-plugin/server/plugin.go:110 github.com/mattermost/mattermost-server/v6/plugin.(*hooksRPCServer).ServeHTTP github.com/mattermost/mattermost-server/v6/plugin/client_rpc.go:453 reflect.Value.call reflect/value.go:556 reflect.Value.Call reflect/value.go:339 net/rpc.(*service).call net/rpc/server.go:381 runtime.goexit runtime/asm_amd64.s:1571

i found that is the problem with permission, but from outside docker it is 2000:2000 and inside it is mattermost user

So we’re talking about file attachments in Mattermost Boards and not about file attachments in Mattermost channels? Can you please provide exact reproduction instructions?

Also, to repeat my other questions:
It did never work after upgrading to a newer version, right?
Does a restart of the container fix it temporarily?
Are all users affected?
Are all possible clients (webbrowser, mobile client, desktop app, etc.) affected?