Video and Audio Calling WebRTC issue

Hello Mattermost support and community,

I followed this guide to configure video conference.
But whenever I do the call,only what I see is black screen monitor on both accounts and after 4-6 seconds the connection ends with message: “Call with user ended.”
No error in the browser debug mode (Chrome).

I found one tip, that suggests to turn on “Enable the ability to make and receive one-on-one WebRTC calls” feature under: Account Settings > Advanced > Preview pre-release features but I do not find such feature under my account settings.

I think it may be the cause of why video call not working.
Can some one get an advise how to enable the “ability to make and receive one-on-one WebRTC calls”?

Mattermost Enterprise Edition
Mattermost Version: 4.10.0
Database Schema Version: 4.10.0
Database: mysql


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Hello, @ally!

I have same issue.

I found that in version 4.10 there is no any “Preview pre-release features” in Advanced settings. But if you will take previous 4.9 - you can find it as in instruction.

But even running version 4.9 under SSL protection (using AWS tools) I have same troubles - “Call with user ended.”

Can you place here WebRTC logs here?

Do you run mattermost and webrtc in docker containers?

Do you use SSL?

Best regards!

@ally - One other note is that the Enable the ability to make and receive one-on-one WebRTC calls setting was removed in v4.10.


@noizzzzy.boy I used the same schema as you used:

  • Mattermost 4.10 - standalone according Installation manual.
  • WebRTC (latest) - as docker container.

please download janus log output of one call by the next URL:

Do you run mattermost and webrtc in docker containers?

No, Mattermost was configered with using of official installation guide.
and the webrtc was installed on this one: guide
as a docker container.

Do you use SSL

Yes I modified the default files certificate.crt and privateKey.key in /opt/janus/certs/ folder inside docker container to the valid SSL and restarted container.

@amy.blais Thanks for the information.

Hi @ally! I opened a Jira ticket for a related Forum issue and you can track its progress here:

WebRTC is known to be unreliable, so it is possible that this is a known issue and something that won’t be fixed in the upcoming release version.

Update on this - we just discussed the Jira ticket as a team and it seems that we will need to update Janus on our side - the ticket is now queued to be fixed in 5.0 (releasing June 15th), so you should see an improvement on WebRTC once we release.

Hello @amy.blais ,

Thanks for keeping us updated.
As the “Janus WebRTC Server” I run the docker container and I found that its code is quite outdated:

    cd /janus-gateway/
    git log -1
    commit 7a42432c2683879e124f3f99251fb21d8cc37a4e
    Author: Lorenzo Miniero <>
    Date:   Thu Nov 30 16:28:21 2017 +0100

        Only use g_async_queue_push_front if glib is recent enough

As you see the last commit was made in Nov 30 2017. Is it possible also to update the code of ‘Janus WebRTC Server’ in official docker image ?

@ally I think this is the most last version of MM-WebRTC

I am having the same issue, we can make the call, but the call drops after a few seconds. I added the google stun server to our config, and that allowed the call to stay established, but there was no audio or video. We are running on AWS. We are using the mattermost-webrtc docker container.

Hi @ally - v5.0 is now available to download if you’d like to test WebRTC on latest version: (it includes a fix for this issue).