Virtual Hackathon!

We’ll be holding a virtual hackathon focused on our new plugin architecture and everyone from the community is invited to participate along with core staff! The event will take place all day Thursday, August 16th (9am-5pm EDT) and Friday, August 17th (9am-5pm EDT), with presentations to follow on Monday, August 20th at 10 AM EDT.

There are 2 objectives of this hackathon:

  1. Build something you want to use on our pre-release community server.
  2. Provide feedback for our new plugin architecture (shipping with version 5.2+).

Participants from the community who submit a contribution will receive a swag bag.

NOTE: Participation in the Monday presentation is NOT mandatory. If you cannot make the Monday meeting, a short recorded video showing off the plugin would be nice, but not necessary.

Questions? Please reply below.

Ideas? Please feel free to share here.

Let us know you’ll be there by RSVP’ing to the Meetup event here. Hope to see you there!