Want to contribute (PLT-2112)

Hi, I am new here and I want to contribute. I read the Code Contribution Guidelines and checked your Good First Contribution tickets.

I created an account for Jira and the project is building and running on my machine :thumbsup:

I picked PLT-2112 as my first ticket to get my feet wet:

Allow Access-Control-Allow-Origin to be set from config.json


  1. Do I simply add a comment in the Jira Ticket that I want to work on this?
  2. Who can help me get started with the correct entry points?
  3. I actually prefer go over js and most tickets that are good as first contribution are tickets related to the web client. Once I get more into the project, where can I find easy go tickets to start with?

Thanks for your help!

PLT-2112 was merged on March 4th, no comment :expressionless:

I will dig through the APR tickets and see if I can find something โ€ฆ

Hi @apheleia, sorry about that ticket being out-of-date, please consider joining the Developers channel on the pre-release server, and also the APR Tickets channel to see whatโ€™s new.

We would love to find projects that meet your interests!