WebSocket not working on Server behind reverse proxy

Hello, erveryone.

I’ve just finished intalling mattermost on a server running CentOS 7 and I’m having some trouble with websockets.

I have two servers, server A and server B. My main website is hosted on server A while Mattermost is hosted on server B. Both servers are connected to the same public IP.

In order to use Mattermost with a subdomain, I’ve created a website with an NGINX reverse proxy rule that sends the user to my server B’s internal IP. Mattermost works correctly but websockets don’t.

If I connect directly to Mattermost using the server B’s IP websockets works fine.

Any idea of how does the NGINX’s reverse proxy should look like so that I can use Mattermost with my subdomain?


I could solve it! If anyone is having this problem check out this post: How to use Nginx as a Reverse proxy for HTTPS and WSS - Self Signed Certificates and Trusted Certificates
on Step 6 - Configure Support to WebSockets is the key for the NGINX reverse proxy configuration.

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This is also mentioned in the official documentation. Please check it out, there might be other Mattermost specific configurations you may need.