WebSockets on CentOS 6

So after many hours of configuring Mattermost, I have as far as I am aware only one issue left.

I am using GitLab Mattermost on CentOS 6, and I am using Apache/2.2.15.
I do not know of any way to proxy WebSockets on Apache unless you have Apache 2.4 or higher, or compile the entirety of Apache again with a couple of patches.

If there is no way to proxy WebSockets through port 443 without having a large chance of breaking things, can I configure Mattermost not to annoy users by showing the following popup?: "Please check connection, Mattermost unreachable. If issue persists, ask administrator to check WebSocket port."
I mean, that popup comes back after a second when clicking it away.

Hi @Jeroen52,

We’ve built Mattermost as a real-time messaging solution and WebSockets are core to the user experience as they allow for the user to receive messages, notifications and other events practically immediately. Without them the user experience is greatly deteriorated and, as such, we don’t have any options to disable such alerts in the system.

If you like you can modify the Mattermost source code where these alerts are displayed and compile it yourself or place a [feature request].

Thanks for replying,

Sorry for replying this late, I don’t believe that I got an email regarding your reply.

I have recently started playing with Mattermost again due to the 3.0 update.
Currently when I’m using CentOS 6.8 the popup still pops up a few seconds after closing it.

Does this mean that my Mattermost installation is not working properly and users can not receive messages? If there is a fallback method to deliver messages and other notifcation can I enable that method and disable the popup?

tl;dr: Has there been any change in my question since 2.2 and 3.0?

Hi @Jeroen52,

Sorry for the late reply. There hasn’t been much change in this aspect of the product. Without the WebSocket you can still use the product but users will not be notified of new posts until they switch channels, statuses won’t work and other real-time updates won’t occur.