What is the correct URL for "https://mattermost.example.com" after installation?

I have successfully installed Mattermost by following the link “https://docs.mattermost.com/install/install-ubuntu-1404.html#installing-mysql-database-server

In the first step under the section “Configuring Mattermost Server”, I see this below line

  1. Navigate to https://mattermost.example.com and create a team and user.

The above URL is just an example. I do not understand what should be the actual URL that I need to give to access the mattermost dashboard. For eg. if my IP address of the server where mattermost is installed is, then what should be the actual URL ?

Hi @pradeeptp,

Thanks for your question…

When you installed your server, did you give it a name or is the reference to it just the IP address?

If you named the server, the URL you will navigate to would be something like this:

I’m guessing that if you just refer to it by the IP address it would be something like this:

Does this help?