A fresh look to Mattermost?

Overall i’ve really enjoyed using Mattermost inside my company, coming from Slack it felt very familiar already! :slight_smile:

So far after 5 months of use theres only one downside in our eyes.

The design.

It feels a little “sluggish / slow”.

And i was wondering, are there any plans to “overhaul” or “modernize” the over-all design of Mattermost?

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Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciated. Curious to hear which parts feel the most “sluggish / slow” and what you would prioritize to improve first?

Now that i think about it even more, i don’t think “sluggish / slow” is fitting.

Its more of a personal feel, so to say it feels outdated. hard to find words sometimes

As for what i’d prioritize, i’d go for the main ui at first.

To get a better view:

I can’t show the channel list, but for example i really like the general design, sidebar with useful quick-access at the very left Home, DMs, Activity (when you get pinged etc), your profile with quick access and things saved for later.
Then the channel-list comes next to it.

The placement feels just right, and the over-all UI Experience feels modern and pleasing to work with.

I hope that explains it a little better! :slight_smile:

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