A fresh look to Mattermost?

Overall i’ve really enjoyed using Mattermost inside my company, coming from Slack it felt very familiar already! :slight_smile:

So far after 5 months of use theres only one downside in our eyes.

The design.

It feels a little “sluggish / slow”.

And i was wondering, are there any plans to “overhaul” or “modernize” the over-all design of Mattermost?

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Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciated. Curious to hear which parts feel the most “sluggish / slow” and what you would prioritize to improve first?

Now that i think about it even more, i don’t think “sluggish / slow” is fitting.

Its more of a personal feel, so to say it feels outdated. hard to find words sometimes

As for what i’d prioritize, i’d go for the main ui at first.

To get a better view:

I can’t show the channel list, but for example i really like the general design, sidebar with useful quick-access at the very left Home, DMs, Activity (when you get pinged etc), your profile with quick access and things saved for later.
Then the channel-list comes next to it.

The placement feels just right, and the over-all UI Experience feels modern and pleasing to work with.

I hope that explains it a little better! :slight_smile:

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Thanks again for your feedback @BlueSky-fur. We’re actually looking at making some small incremental updates to the UI that I thought I would share.

Have a look at this presentation which outlines some proposed changes. They may be relatively small, but they do have visual impact.

Let us know what you think!

Here’s a quick preview:

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Absolutely down for it! it looks awesome and so much more pleasing to the eye! especially the dark theme! :slightly_smiling_face:


I really don’t like asking for things like this, but im excited! :smiley:
Is there a rough ETA as to when we can expect this beautiful over-haul?

Hi @BlueSky-fur we have a number of UI-related PRs in-progress right now, but no ETA on which release they’ll go in to. We’ll likely be adding things incrementally that you’ll start to see some updates for as soon as 9.8. (like this PR: MM-28014 Improve Channel Intros by matthewbirtch · Pull Request #26413 · mattermost/mattermost · GitHub)

Just a follow-up on this topic: the latest UI updates are now available on our community server. Have a look there and share any feedback with us in the UX Design channel or reply here.

These changes are tagged for the 9.9 release.

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